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Whether your goal is burning fat, building muscle or both, your body will always use glycogen (stored sugar) first, as its primary source of fuel. Glycogen is stored sugar held in your muscle fibers and liver.  This “sugar” is from fruit, veggies, grains, beans and legumes (carbohydrates) that your body had broken down. Glycogen must be present to burn fat, so it is important that we are continually replacing our stored energy throughout the day and especially immediately following your workout.

The human body can only store between 200 to 500 grams of glycogen, so it is entirely possible to burn all of those calories in a 60-90 minute session of intense exercise. Even during a normal workout, your body may have used most or all of your glycogen and
needs to restore that glycogen to its pre-workout levels.  THIS IS KEY!  If your body doesn’t receive the necessary carbohydrates (from easily digestible sources like blended whole-foods), it will begin breaking down your hard-earned muscle tissue. It turns that tissue into
sugar and then into glycogen to refill its glycogen stores.  This is called Gluconeogenisis or more commonly a Catabolic (muscle-wasting) State. 

THIS IS BAD! This state burns off muscle and holds onto fat, increasing your fat to muscle ratio and decreasing your metabolic rate!  So many people cause this to happen by simply drinking only water after a workout. Now, you are here to help them get it right!

Your body needs to recover quickly (within 30 minutes) following a workout. If you don’t replace the glycogen within 30 minutes of your last rep, you fall into that Catabolic State. Additionally, your body will undergo a physiological change and begin to recognize protein as its most important energy source.  Over time you will need to work out harder and harder to achieve the same results because you will have less and less protein or muscle to maintain a healthy metabolism.  Have you ever noticed someone who puts hours on the treadmill day after day, month after month and they never seem to look any different?  Now you have an idea why.


Is there an easy answer for recovery and keeping your metabolism healthy?  Yes! By drinking a High-Glycemic (quickly absorbed) drink, rich in antioxidants, immediately following a workout and match the calories you expended. All fast absorbing sugars are shunted directly to your muscle fibers, not to your hips or those pesky love handles, following your workout.  Remember, glycogen is stored in your muscles not in fat.  The antioxidants clobber the free radicals (harmful atoms) that build up in your body when you exercise. That’s right… working out can lower your immune system and antioxidants help prevent that and speeds your recovery immediately following your workout!

Approximately one hour after you consume that Recovery Shake, your body can begin to rebuild a stronger you.  Even if you are just
trying to burn fat, replacing the sugars that you just burned enables your body to keep its hard earned muscle and your metabolism humming by keeping your muscles fed.  A fast metabolism allows you to continue to burn fat even while you are sleeping!

You just need to make sure that you are not ingesting empty calories. We have designed the perfect post workout Recovery Shake using only natural, whole-food ingredients, featuring the highest quality Protein with helpful digestive enzymes.